Mission Partners

Our mission partners, Mark and Elizabeth**, and their two children have returned from India, where they worked for 5 years in community development amongst the urban poor and refugees. They worked with local organisations and churches, and saw the lives of many marginalised people changed through improvements in their lives and through meeting Jesus.   (**names changed for security reasons)

The family now live in Gloucester where the children are settled in school and Mark has a job with the Council. Elizabeth still does some voluntary work from home for the community development organisation she worked with in India.

We felt very privileged to support this lovely family in prayer and giving, and their visits to us have been a real joy. We hope to keep in touch with them from time to time. 

New Mission Partners 

In September 2016 we were delighted to form a new link with Church Mission Society partners, Audrey and Colin Gibson, who are working for the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development in Lebanon. Audrey is helping children with special educational needs to fulfil their potential. Colin is working to raise funds for various ministries by improving links with local and overseas partner organisations.