Church Diary

Church Diary – week beginning Monday 21st May 2018


      9.00am    ‘Open the Book’ at Millbrook Primary School    

      7.30pm    St. Mary’s Prayer Meeting in the Cloister Room    


      9.30am    Little Lambs Toddler Group in the Church Hall

    11.00am    Hospital Communion Service in the Cloister Room

      1.00pm    ‘Rest and be Blessed’ – snack and chat in the Church Hall       


    10.00am    Communion Service in Church, followed by refreshments

      1.00pm    ‘Open the Book’ at Malpas Court Primary School

      7.15pm    ‘Churches Together in Newport’ Prayer Meeting

                       in the Cloister Room


      7.00pm    ‘Theology for Life’ Course in the Cloister Room


      9.15am    Morning Prayer 

    10.00am    Cloister Café in the Cloister Room

      6.30pm    Choir Practice in Church

      7.30pm    ‘Messy’ Youth Group in the Cloister Room



    8.00am    Spoken Communion Service 

    9.45am    Family Communion Service

    9.45am    Junior Church in the Cloister Room

  11.30am    Time for Praise Service

  12.30pm    Presentation by our Mission Partners and Buffet Lunch

                    in the Cloister Room

    4.30pm    Evensong at All Saints’ Church, Brynglas