About Us


Our Mission statement is that as a church we are wanting to:

‘Live and tell the good news of Jesus Christ’.

The church is made up of people from Malpas and beyond, young and old, men and women. We meet together to meet with God. We come just as we are and yet seek to be transformed by God’s grace to be a holy people, more like Jesus himself. We invite you to ‘come and see’, join us in worship and feel at home in any of our times of gathering.  


The church is a family, and we pray everyone would feel at home and relaxed as we meet at different times during a typical week. Come and  see what God is doing amongst us. We pray you will experience the love, joy, peace and purpose that Jesus brings to our lives, that you will find your lives blessed, and you would find here a place to journey with us in the wonderful life that God has in store for those who love him.


St Mary’s is made up of Christian people that meet as six different congregations throughout the week at different times, days and even places. What unites them is a love for God and a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. The church meets in different ways for congregational worship, from traditional liturgical worship making the most of quiet and peace, to a service with a traditional choir, to more vibrant contemporary music using drama and more interactive styles of teaching. Our services are both communion and non-communion and  they all place an emphasis upon the teaching of God’s word and the provision of space to respond to what God is saying to us, inspired by His Spirit. The church is Anglican by denomination and evangelical by emphasis. For us this means an emphasis of the Bible in the life of the church, a commitment to Christian mission in the local parish community, a desire to share the gospel of the risen Lord Jesus with others, the importance of a personal relationship with God through repentance and faith in Christ and his saving grace and a recognition of the work of God with the Holy Spirit in the life of the church today.