Welcome to the website for St Mary’s Church, Malpas, Newport. 

Please feel free to browse through our site – we hope to see you at one of our services soon.


As part of the world-wide Anglican Church, God has given us a call to be part of His people, the church, in our community.  We show our love for God in our Mission Statement:-

Living and Telling the Good News of Jesus Christ

We have 5 priorities to live out this call:-

         Living as God teaches us in holiness.
          Telling the Good News of Jesus in love.
 Welcoming the Holy Spirit to bring freedom.
      Belonging as part of God’s family in service.
          Worshipping to see His glory in personal surrender.

We seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone, that through repentance and faith, all may know His saving grace and unique love, and so we then may love and worship Him in return.

 lych gate

“I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved.”
(John 10:9)